Molly Sebastian of Invictus Enterprises seems to know everything and everyone in the Autism employment universe. Molly introduced me to Rising Tide U, which came out of the now famous (in the Autism world) Rising Tide Car Wash in Florida. They have created “7 Ways Autism Makes a Business Better”, and they have an online course. The advantages they list from their experience at the Rising Tide Car Wash are:

  1. Following Processes and Rules;

  2. Safety;

  3. Eye for detail;

  4. Turnover;

  5. Culture of Service;

  6. Media and Word of Mouth; and

  7. Loyal Customers.

Cornell University’s Yang and Tan Institute is also working on these same issues:

The Yang-Tan Institute advances equal opportunity for people with disabilities in partnership with federal and state government and philanthropic organizations.

In addition, in NY State, there are these Tax Credits and Benefits to employers. 

Rising Tide is a scalable conveyorized car wash dedicated to the empowerment of individuals with autism. Each Rising Tide location will have high exposure in the community and provide employment for people with autism through easy to learn, process driven labor. Rising Tide will have strong enough profitability to support a community of people with autism through living wages, career advancement opportunities and independent living skills and self-advocacy training.
— Rising Tide Car Wash