A number of people reached out to me last week about “The Brielle at Seaview”, an assisted living facility that wants to pilot a co-living program for seniors who are living with and taking care of their adult children with disabilities. “The Brielle has companion suites – two separate bedrooms that have a common dining and kitchen area, as well as a bathroom -- could house spouses, siblings, or parents and children.”

Here is the full story at Staten Island Live and Disability Scoop.

Diane Campione, special needs program coordinator for the New York Public Library, and Diana Thompson, lifestyle and engagement director at The Brielle, hope to get a pilot program off the ground that would ease the burden for seniors who are caring for a loved one with a disability. Campione is the parent of a 22-year-old son with high-functioning autism.

The Brielle, an assisted living facility which has a capacity of 188 that currently operates at 96, is looking to start co-habitating seniors who are caring for an adult child with disabilities in the facility.

“This would be a unique option to keep families together and it has not been available before,” Campione said.
— Disability Scoop
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Needless to say, there will be complications with anything new, but I personally think this is a great idea. From a friend on Staten Island, “Yes I have spoken to Diane, who is mentioned in the article. This could be an option for a parent who requires assisted living care and her developmentally disabled adult child to live with supports. The senior living costs would be over $7000.00 per month (and could be higher depending on variables); and for the adult disabled child they may give a half price deal. I don't think that OPWDD funding could be used at all the way things are designed currently.”

Let’s see where this goes, but it is a great idea.