From our friend Kristin Miller of CSH

CSH "blends our experience and dedication with a practical and entrepreneurial spirit. We uncover ways to move forward even in the most complex environments, so our partners can achieve stability, strength and success for the most vulnerable people in the communities where they live."

Kristin Miller update:

Kristin Miller of CSH

Kristin Miller of CSH

"Several new Requests for Proposals (RFP’s) have recently been released, including the Empire State Supportive Housing Initiative (ESSHI) and NYC 15/15 supportive housing program, offering new opportunities for supportive housing development across the state. In the coming weeks CSH will be releasing a resource guide to assist nonprofit supportive housing developers. 

There are 1200 units in ESSHI included in this next round as a sub-set to this larger world of supportive housing. The OPWDD segment and ESSHI funds will be a smaller slice of the units. That said – it is indeed a new and ground breaking housing development resource for the OPWDD population.

The resource guide includes key activities, participants and risk considerations at each step in the development process, and helpful tools for discussions with board members, staff and other key stakeholders. We'll walk you through new financing opportunities, zoning incentives, effective partnerships and how to navigate the challenges in site control. Read more about the resource guide here.

In the meantime feel free to contact our New York based loan officers:
Jen Trepinski for the five boroughs and Maygen Moore for upstate development."