Theater Development Fund (TDF) - Whatever the next stage of housing life brings us, Dustin Sweeney will be near theatre. It has been a BIG piece of his life with Katie Sweeney. See the latest video from Theater Development Fund:

TDF’s autism-friendly performances bring thousands of families together to experience the joy of live theatre in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Here is the original TEDxBroadway talk. Katie Sweeney discusses the impact of making live theater accessible to all audiences, specifically as it relates to Dustin Sweeney's experiences with Broadway. Katie Sweeney is an 'Autism Warrior Mom' and a musical theater lover (in that order).

Finally, Katie Sweeney is now on the Board of CO/LAB, Dustin Sweeney's performing arts group. They really are fantastic and here is our story from last Spring of 2017: