New Horizons Foundation

New Horizons Foundation

On November 7, 2016, I attended the first "Mid-Hudson Housing Alliance", which was sponsored by our friend Carol Napierski of NY State Association of Community and Sam Laganaro of New Horizons Resources. It was a regional meeting focused on the "Mid-Hudson" region roughly defined as north of NYC and south of Albany.

Topics included:

  • Opening Remarks by organizer Sam Laganaro, New Horizons Resources
  • Value of Housing Alliances Ken Regan; Regan Development Corp.
  • Why we are Here? - Overview of Vision and Resources: Monica Robinson and Jennifer Rodriguez of New Horizons Resources
  • Why Collaboration has such an Impact on Creation of Housing: John Maltby; Westchester Institute for Human Development
  • Panel Discussion- Strategies to Creating a Viable Housing Network in the Mid-Hudson Valley:
    • Mary Ellen Moeser; Home and Community Living (HCL) OPWDD
    • Benny Serrano; USDA
    • Doug Olcott; Community Preservation Corp., Hudson Valley
    • Lisa Irizarry; NYS Homes and Community Renewal (HCR)
    • Jeffery Fox, Ph.D., Abilities First, Inc.
    • Ken Kearney; Kearney Realty Group

This was a first meeting for the group, and it was a very good effort to bring together some legacy and new parties into the discussion about housing and communities for adults with Developmental Disabilities. It is my continued belief that REAL innovation in this community will come from "Self-Direction" models as pictured below:

There is still a default in the DD Community to "what has been done" rather than "what can be done". "Integration" with a "Self-Directed" budget is where real innovation (and cost reduction) can be found for the next generation of DD adults.